Your friend is going on and on about how she’s so excited for her birthday, but all you can think about is how you peaked when you gave her the best gift ever last year. How can you top that? One thing she’ll never see coming is a subscription box—a box that is full of goodies based on a certain theme and delivered directly to the recipient’s doorstep. There’s a box for everyone out there, even your pets! It’s also a perfect present for a long–distance friend or family member (or yourself!), as you can ship them to his or her address without hassle. Also, the fun doesn’t have to end with a one–time delivery. Subscribe to a longer period of time to have a package sent every month. 

For the spa junkie: TheraBox

It’s happiness in a box! Therabox contains one “happiness boosting” activity that promotes positive thinking as well as five to seven self–care and wellness–oriented products. It’s curated by real therapists to reduce stress and increase joy, with all organic and natural products ranging from tea and face masks to bath bombs and aromatic candles, plus a cute trinket here and there. Take some time to focus on yourself with this box, or share it with a friend.

$34.99 for a 1-month only subscription

For the beauty guru: Birchbox

This is one of the most popular box subscriptions for good reason. Indulge in the simple pleasures of testing new products without the temptation of accidentally breaking the bank at Sephora. The samples of make–up, fragrances, hair products, skincare products, and more are from both new and well–established brands. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who’s always looking to add to their beauty routine, including you!

$10 a month

For the worldly foodie: Treats

Crammed with international snacks, Treats are certain to please anyone who appreciates food and travel. Let their (or your) taste buds travel the world every month with deliveries of local cookies, crackers, chocolates, and candies from countries in nearly every continent. From Australia’s Tim Tams to Germany’s Kinder Bueno, there’s something in each box for everyone to enjoy.

$13.45 per standard box per month in a 3 month plan

For the wine connoisseur: Winc

Looking to develop your wine palate? Know someone who's obsessed with wine? Join this 21+ club to receive an evening of sophistication in a box, with no hassle of having to pick out the wines yourself. Winc truly represents the fact that love, like wine, gets better with time, by delivering bottles of wine monthly. They're based on your or the recipient's flavor preferences. With each package, you rate the wines you receive, which the service takes into account while selecting your next month’s delivery. 

Starts at $13/bottle

Fun, reliable, easy to order and personalized to the recipient's interests—what more could you want? Hop on the trend to give your friends or yourself a monthly reminder of just how much you care.


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