Right on the corner of South and Broad, six bold block letters in all–white shine against a gray brick background: YEEROH. At first glance the name is odd to look at, but it’s not meant to be seen; it’s meant to be heard. Our waitress explains that “Yeeroh” is the phonetic pronunciation of an iconic Greek cuisine, the gyro. 

The food is obviously the centerpiece, but what really makes Yeeroh appealing is the laid–back, authentic environment it provides. Started by Yianni Degermentzidis just this past September, the menu pays homage to his family’s Greek roots and his smart sense for restauranteering. The waitresses have kind eyes—they independently add the feta sticks to the order because they know first–timers shouldn’t leave without trying them—and the food comes out to the table with no wait. During a slow hour, a chef sits across from a customer, and they share a meal and bouts of laughter. Dim sunlight pushes through the floor to ceiling windows at the front of the store, illuminating both the exposed and white–painted brick walls. The air is communal and relaxing, the food a warm and welcome break from a long day. The place embodies the true cultural purpose of mealtime.

Though the traditional sandwich is the namesake of the restaurant, their menu is expansive and mouthwateringly customizable. It has three pre–arranged salads and a make–your–own option, a pita platter appetizer, three different types of French fries (one of which is zucchini fries, swoon), and the Greek answer to mozzarella sticks and marinara: feta sticks and house–made jam. These are important. The menu also includes three homemade Greek desserts.

Photo: Christina Piasecki

The main course is laid out in delectable steps. First, you select the form of meal you would like, choosing from the classic sandwich option or the option to get a tray. Luckily, the tray still comes with pita on the side—and you do not want to miss the pita. Step two is choosing a spread: either tzatziki, spicy feta, hummus, or garlic eggplant. Step three is choosing a meat (or grilled veggies drizzled in balsamic glaze), and step four is picking up to five toppings. Finally, you choose your French fry preference. All this is included in the $8.50 price of a sandwich, or the $12.00 price of a tray, which you should be sharing with someone anyway—the portions are quite generous.

If this isn’t enough for you—or conversely, if  the wealth of options is overwhelming—the restaurant boasts five specialty sandwich options on the huge chalkboards behind the counter. Some are inspired by different regions of Greece, others are inspired by pure gluttony. Take The Sinner, for example: grilled pita stuffed with pork, lamb, and chicken gyro, tzatziki, ketchup, and mustard, and French fries. That’s roughly 75% of the menu in one succulent sandwich. Though these options occasionally rotate, we hope this particular morsel survives the test of time.

Yeeroh is available for dine–in, pick–up, and delivery to certain locations. Go there once, and we’re sure you’ll be back faster than you can accurately pronounce gyro.

TL;DR: Deliciously customizable sandwiches 

Location: 1412 South Street


Monday–Thursday; Sunday:  11:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m.
Friday–Saturday: 11:00 a.m.–3:00 a.m.

Price Range: $


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