This week’s fashion hot–spot? Penn’s biggest, brightest, and reddest statue: the Tampons. While marking my territory at the corner of Locust and Hillel, one of Penn’s prime locations during this time of year, #MatzahMadness, I found some of the most stylish students our school has to offer. This week, bomber jackets are in and winter jackets are out; it's almost spring, baby.

Bernie Rodgers (C '20)

Photo: Christina Piasecki

Bernie was serving cold, hard looks today. This DP General Assignments reporter walked (read: strutted) with his vibrant purple–haired friend by his side, and I just couldn’t help but stop him. Bernie had on a white turtleneck sweater accented with a silver chain. His bomber jacket was fitted and cropped with a bright orange lining, adding a pop of color to his otherwise neutral outfit. When asked how he would describe his style, Bernie called it “a balance between urban style and professional.” He mixes classic, timeless pieces with streetwear to give the look a fresh feel. His favorite things in his closet are fishnets and harnesses; maybe I’ll catch him in the spring repping that look.  

How to recreate your own version of this look:

Bomber: WearAll $27
Turtleneck: ASOS $16
Chain: ASOS $9.50
Joggers: Elwood $20

Yareqzy Munoz (C '20)

Photo: Christina Piasecki

I stopped Yareqzy after she had just woken up from a nap. I’ve never looked this good after a nap, but, hey, at least someone can. Yareqzy rocked the mom jean look, taking an outdated pant and making it hip with a skinny cuff and dark socks sticking out of her perfectly white shoes. She rocked an old–school bomber with striping on the collar and wrists to play up its sportiness. When asked what her favorite thing in her closet was, Yareqzy, without hesitation, said that she loves her vintage bomber jacket—it's gray and lined with sheep skin. 

How to recreate your own version of this look:

Bomber: GoJane $41.21

Mom Jeans: American Eagle $29.96

Cara Ronzetti (Carnegie Melon '16)

Photo: Christina Piasecki

I stopped Cara who was on campus visiting her younger sister Emma Ronzetti (C '21) because I was drawn to her effortless print matching; spotting her abstract sweater, plaid scarf, and striped undershirt from afar. Cara, a Miami native, said that the sweater is her go–to for travel (she’d been wearing it for the past few days). When I asked her what made her decide to add the striped cuffs she said she “added the stripes for weirdness.” Cara finished off her outfit with a pair of well–distressed Doc Martens. She said she’s “worn the boots every day for the last five years” adding, “well not these exact boots” because she had to replace the original pair for a less damaged, more wearable version (luckily, she was able to purchase the same pair). Skinny jeans top off the look to help give the look proportion under the bulkiness of the sweater and scarf.

How to recreate your own version of this look:

Blanket Scarf: Eddie Bauer $39.99

Sweater: Your Grandpa's Closet

Longsleeve: The Gap $14.97


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