So far, 2018 has given us a few gems in the rap music world—Post Malone announced that he'll be releasing a new album called Beerbongs & Bentleys, CupcakKe dropped Ephorize in January, and early March gave us Logic's Bobby Tarantino II with all of its Rick and Morty weirdness. And now, in April, we have been blessed with the hottest release in the twittersphere: a Wendy's diss tape. 

Yep, that's right. Wendy's, home of the frosty, released a 5 track EP fittingly entitled We Beefin?. 

Now, while a fast–food chain dropping a full on EP project that has has a high key solid production value may sound odd, followers of the Wendy's twitter account are not surprised—Wendy's is notorious for their savagery and clapbacks. And their most notable adversary? Well, with songs entitled "Clownin," "Twitter Fingers," and "Rest in Grease," can you guess who their (frozen) beef is with? Does the name Ronald McDonald mean anything to you?

But on to the songs. As hilarious as a Wendy's diss track is, let alone a whole EP, the songs are actually kind of (dare we say) fire. On top of some seriously fresh, like fries ordered without the salt fresh, beats is a flow that competes with the best of the best on the charts today. Take "Twitter Fingers," for example. The rapper—we actually have no idea who they are because there are absolutely no credits given for the entire EP—riffs:

"You twitter beefing for some clout/ Yo' customers in a drought/ They loving me with no doubt/I’m sellin in large amounts/You shoulda just took this route/Thinking you could wing it/They stopped shopping with ya/No wonder your names repeat it/Yo' stock, looking depleted/Yo' wave, is just receding/The game need a new leader/The game gave it new meaning/Wendy from out Columbus so wake up its time to see her/Had to step outside of Twitter just to leave my fans with something." 

Dang, girl. 

The other songs go just as hard, if not harder. So next time you have a second, take a listen. And then a second listen. Because when you're not too busy trying to figure out all of the references and jokes in the lyrics, the songs actually bump. And when it comes down to it, We Beefin'? truly lives up to the Wendy's Twitter bio: “We like our tweets the same way we like our hamburgers: better than anyone expects from a fast food joint.”


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