It seems that, every year, more and more festivals pop up with more and more artists jumping on the summer set bandwagon. With hundreds of festivals slated to bring hours of music to fans this summer, it can be hard to keep track of who’s playing where—and who is worth seeing. Here are Street’s picks for the top five artists performing this summer (and where you can see them). 

Vampire Weekend–Lollapalooza 

Everyone’s favorite nerdy rock band has officially returned from a four–year hiatus. In addition to playing Lollapalooza, the band has recently announced a few more 2018 summer shows, including a two–set stint in Ojai, California over Father’s Day weekend, cryptically stating of the latter that it’s “probably worth catching both” shows. And as if that wasn’t tantalizing enough, rumor has it that Vampire Weekend is almost done recording a new album. 

Bon Iver–Bonnaroo 

With two unique, hour–long sets on the books for Manchester, Tennessee’s Bonnaroo festival, Bon Iver is definitely a must see for the weekend and, for any serious music fans, the summer. Although Bon Iver technically have their own festival bust out their best set—fellow performers at the fest are hand–picked by musical mastermind and Bon Iver frontman/founder Justin Vernon—the group is not one to ever cut any corners or leave any stops un–pulled. And, with Bonnaroo’s campy and country–inspired vibes, it seems that the festival is the perfect place to get your “Skinny Love” on—and more. 

SZA–Panorama, Firefly 

In addition to being the only female artist on her label, SZA is slated to headline several festivals solo over the next few months. Although the singer has been cancelling some shows and revealed that she has “permanent vocal damage,” here’s hoping that the über–talented songstress gets some well–deserved R&R— and that she doesn’t cancel her sets later in the summer. 

Silk City (Diplo + Mark Ronson)–Governors Ball

For someone who is personally obsessed with all things Diplo, seeing him in his latest creative collaboration Silk City partnered with fellow eternally young DJ Mark Ronson is a must. Although the pair announced their partnership in early January, Gov Ball will be the landmark first live performance. And with SZA teasing a potential album with Silk City’s Ronson (as well as Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker), our ears are definitely perked. 

Arctic Monkeys–Lollapalooza, Firefly, Osheaga, and more

It seems like the Monkeys are playing every fest imaginable this summer after the drop of their latest album, Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino. While the album was received by fans with mixed reviews (glad it’s not just me who was extremely let down), the band clearly has enough fame, fortune, and notoriety to sustain them throughout their next summer festival stint. Fingers crossed for at least “Fluorescent Adolescent” to make its way into the lineup. 


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