I get it. The words “spiritual medium” conjure up imagines of either cheap crystal balls and arcade fortune tellers or Long Island Medium and icon Theresa Caputo. But, a good psychic can be better than a therapist, especially if your stresses are triggered by a future plagued with unknowns. So, next time your existential crisis gets too big to fix with some Halo Top and a guilty pleasure movie, hop on SEPTA to get the answers to life’s biggest questions—if Goldman Sachs will hire you, if you’ll find love on Tinder, and if you’ll ever pass ECON 101. 

Here are two psychics that’ll turn your quarter–life crisis into a quarter–life breakthrough.

Rittenhouse Psychic Readings by Lena

A family business run by a mother–daughter duo who share their namesake, Rittenhouse Psychic Readings by Lena is known for offering a diverse array of services and uncanny accuracy. Yelp user and bonafide mystic enthusiast Vinny P says Mrs. Lena “reported specific details that could’ve never been guessed in a million years” during full deck tarot card and double palm readings, going as far to predict a wildcard family pregnancy. Lena’s methodology is simple and straightforward: she’ll ask for no more than your name, birthdate, and hometown to base her readings. If you’re looking for honest, no–frills guidance, this is the spot for you.

Services offered: Palm readings, tarot card readings, crystal ball readings, cleanses. 

Prices: Palm Reading: $10 per palm | Tarot Card: $50 | Crystal Ball: $40 | Cleanses: prices vary

Location: 2041 Walnut St. | Takes walk–ins and appointments 

South Street Psychic: 

Run by Roxanne out of a second–floor apartment on the border of the hipster enclaves Society Hill and Queens Village, South Street Psychics is perfect for memorable readings. While getting an appointment with Roxanne is about as hard as it gets, she makes up for it with a level of informality that makes each reading feel like a night in with your best friend. With nearly 20 years of experience, this mystic is a pro. Her best trait is her knack for analyzing small details—like if you should really read into your ex stalking your LinkedIn profile.

Services offered: Palm readings, aura readings, tarot card readings, cleanses 

Prices: Palm Reading: $10 | Tarot Card: $30–$40 | Aura: $20 | Cleanses: prices vary

Location: 238 South St. | By Appointment only

Still a skeptic? Stay tuned for my follow–up article, where I, a freshman with too many questions, will pay a surprise visit to one of these clairvoyants to try out the cheapest reading they offer.