Fall is officially here—determined more by the season of pumpkin spice everything than the temperature outside. The flavor, made popular by Starbuck’s infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte, can be found in a variety of packaged foods this time of year. Other chain cafes on campus like Pret a Manger and Dunkin Donuts have come out with their own versions of the drink. Trying to buck the trend? Here’s where you to go to find autumnal drinks on campus that aren’t saturated in pumpkin syrup:

Saxbys (4000 Locust St)

Saxbys offers two original seasonal drinks during the fall: the Maple Bourbon Latte and a spiced apple cider. The latte is sweetened with their maple vanilla bourbon syrup—though it gave off a strong aroma, I tasted neither the maple nor the bourbon. Instead, I just felt like I was drinking a regular latte that had gotten one too many pumps of simple syrup. Stick with their vanilla latte. The cider, on the other hand, struck a nice balance between sweet and spicy, and is a great caffeine–free option. 

Metropolitan Bakery (4013 Walnut St)

The Chaider—equal parts chai tea latte and steamed apple cider—is a crowd favorite at Metro. Though I was dubious at first, the drink was amazing and gone in minutes. While it still very much tasted of cider, the chai latte gave it a velvety and creamy taste, and the spices cut some of the acidity of the apple. Think eggnog, but fruit–based.

Williams Café (Williams Hall)

While WilCaf doesn’t have a specific fall beverage, the baristas all swear by one drink: the Purple Haze. A perfect choice for the upcoming Halloween festivities. This earl grey latte highlighted with pumps of lavender syrup was by far my favorite of the three. Available year–round, I felt like it elevated my midterm cramming session to a new level, and out of all the options, most reminded me of fall.

Cafés that Don’t Carry Fall–Themed Drinks

Neither United by Blue or the Green Line Café on 40th have seasonal drinks. However, United by Blue is considering adding a spiced cold brew to their menu and the barista at Green Line said she’s always willing to add maple sugar syrup to a cappuccino.