Halloween’s just around the corner, and Wawa’s here to celebrate it with us. They’ve released three spooky–themed drinks on their secret menu, and I—owner of what is possibly the biggest sweet tooth on campus—sought out to try each one.

Graveyard Smash

This drink is definitely a smash. Made with cookies and chocolate sauce, it resembles the cookies and cream frappuccino from Starbucks. Wawa takes it to the next level by adding gummy worms and cookie chunks into the whipped cream. I’ll definitely be making another trip to Wawa for this drink.

Photo: Christy Qiu

Fang–o Mango

Mango–flavored, the smoothie features drizzles of strawberry and chocolate sauce, which blend well with the tropical taste. My one takeaway was that everything tasted too much like chemicals, which was expected since the drink was made from artificial flavoring and food dye. However, if you don’t mind the fake flavoring and are a fan of anything sour, the Fang–o Mango just might make you tango!

Photo: Christy Qiu

Franken–Mint Macchiato:

This drink had so much potential; however, it left me disgusted. Separated into two portions, the drink’s bottom half is mint–flavored while the top is espresso. Since its consistency was watery, the mint portion tasted exactly like mouthwash. The espresso portion tasted subpar on its own, but did not match the minty flavors. This drink was a Franken–Fail.

Photo: Christy Qiu

Ordering from the secret menu is another spooky adventure on it’s own. Tap the pumpkin icon on the bottom left–hand corner of the Wawa kiosk and it’ll take you to a page that says, “Enter: No tricks. Just treats.” Press “Enter,” and you’ll be able to select the drink of your choice. 

These Halloween drinks aren’t here for long, so make sure to head over to your local Wawa to try them out for yourself.