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Christy Qiu


I Tried to Understand the ASMR Phenomenon by Making My Own Video

ASMR is my guardian angel, and it can be yours, too.

Navigating Home Away From Home

It takes more than a trip to South Philly or Chinatown to alleviate the feelings of homesickness.

'An Elephant Sitting Still': A Four–Hour Masterpiece Leaving a Lifelong Impact

This Chinese film, directed by Bo Hu who died by suicide after filming, has left me in an emotional wreck.

Charlotte Le: Youtube–Viral, Insta–Famous Slime Magnate Earning Six Figures

Meet the Wharton freshman behind Vietnamese slime empire, Yunikon Slime.

Introducing My New Best Friend: The Weighted Blanket

I can never sleep. This didn't cure me, but it helped.

Meat Sweats Are Real And Here’s My Evidence

I, a die–hard carnivore, went a week without meat. Here's what my sweat glands had to say about it.

Wawa’s Secret Halloween Drinks: No Tricks, Just Treats

I tried all three "secret menu" drinks. Here's what I thought.

One Sleep–Deprived Student, Four Sleep Aids, Eight Days

I tried four of the natural sleep aids on the market, and here's what happened.

'Bad Times at the El Royale' is a Good Time at the Movies

The new movie, released October 12, is more than just Chris Hemsworth's shimmying abs.  
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