The Philly boxing scene has exploded—it seems like there are endless options for classes nowadays. This can be overwhelming, but don’t worry. Street visited each one so you don’t have to, and we ranked the five most talked about boxing gyms on fitness, atmosphere, amenities, and price.


Compared to the other gyms I visited, TITLE was nothing special. The other gyms excelled in certain categories, but TITLE wasn’t too memorable.  

Fitness: TITLE offers high–intensity interval boxing, kickboxing, and MMA classes of various lengths.

Atmosphere: According to TITLE’s website, the boxing gym prides itself on being “a brand of inclusion. All bodies, all weights, all abilities are welcome here.” This atmosphere of inclusion is conducive to a productive fitness space. However, classes are large, which makes it feel like a less personal environment.

Amenities: TITLE has showers and lockers, and facilities are clean and well–kept. However, there are no built–in locks on the lockers, so members have to bring their own, and there are no towels available.

$: Monthly membership at TITLE starts at $80.

Joltin’ Jabs

Joltin’ Jabs is the only boxing gym on this list that isn’t a chain, which makes it a great—you’ll feel like you're training to be a real boxer here. However, a quick search of reviews shows that the owner’s emphasis on discipline and promptness is a little too intense for some.

Fitness: Joltin’ Jabs is exclusively dedicated to boxing. Classes are focused mostly on bagwork, but include some strength and cardio exercises. 

Atmosphere: This boxing gym has a very personal atmosphere. The owner is old–school and values discipline and promptness—the door is locked a minute after class starts. Staff are clearly passionate and treat customers as if they are training fighters. 

Amenities: This gym is relatively small, and does not have showers or an incredibly sleek design. It feels like a no–frills boxing gym.

$: Individual classes cost $30, but better deals are available with the purchase of class packs.

3. Rumble

Rumble Boxing recently opened in Center City, and it has attracted significant attention. The classes are favorites of celebrities like Kendall Jenner and David Beckham. Rumble excels in the amenities category—however, the high prices and judgmental vibe decrease its rating. 

Fitness: Each class is split between punching combinations and HIIT strength training. 

Atmosphere: The atmosphere feels less like a stuffy gym and more like a rave, thanks to the in–house DJ, flashing lights, and graphics. However, the fact that everything about Rumble is Instagrammable also makes it feel a little pretentious, and not everyone may feel comfortable participating. 

Amenities: The amenities are great—the facility is filled with beautiful art pieces, and includes luxurious showers equipped with Dry Bar products. 

$: Rumble classes don’t come cheap. Each one costs $34, plus a one–time $8 fee for wraps and  $3 to rent gloves. 


At CKO, I got a lot of personal attention. This gym excels in fostering a community, was above average in all the categories, and gave me a good workout that made me want to return.

Fitness: The classes at CKO are one hour long and focus mostly on the punching bag, but include some strength portions as well.

Atmosphere: CKO is an inviting gym, and is open to people of all levels and abilities. It fosters a tight–knit community. 

Amenities: Showers and locker rooms are available. 

$: CKO classes are purchased on a monthly basis, and a membership costs $80 per month. Considering the unlimited access you get out of this membership, CKO seems like a good deal.

Everybody Fights

Everybody Fights dominates in every category and was my favorite of the gyms I went to. It provides great fitness options, an inviting atmosphere, and state–of–the–art amenities at an affordable price. 

Fitness: Everybody Fights offers various types of boxing classes: those that focus on technique, endurance, circuit training, bag work, and restoration. However, it also has a full–service gym that all members are allowed to use. 

Atmosphere: The atmosphere of Everybody Fights is inviting and motivating. Instructors provide personal attention and staff are friendly. 

Amenities: Both the locker room and showers are beautiful at this facility. As it says on the website, Everybody Fights believes you should “train like a boxer and live like a king/queen.” Overall, the gym has a sleek design and is clean and professional.

$: If you buy a 10 pack of classes, each is $20.