Our Fall 2019 Dining Guide features personal essays, epistolary articles, restaurant reviews from neighborhoods all around Philadelphia, and a healthy amount of love. We went to Pizzeria Beddia, wrote about eating alone, and trekked down South Street. So, enjoy. We hope you're hungry! 

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Pizzeria Beddia Is Back — And It's Like It Never Left

Ultimately, Pizzeria Beddia is more than its hype. It’s not the best pizza in America. But it is the best pizza experience, filled with adventure and familiarity in every bite.

The Ultimate Chain Restaurant Bar Crawl

More comfortable than a McDonald’s and more personal than a Panera, these American chains bring me back to post–theatre slices of cheesecake in high school and basketball team dinners in grade school. The constancy of their menus and decor make memories from one location transferable, letting you carry a piece of home with you.

Photo: Isabel Liang

Love Letters to a Sourdough Starter

What follows is not an ode to a restaurant, a personal narrative regarding childhood consumption, nor an exposé on current issues in food. Instead it is a true account, told in letters, of a cook’s love. Depending on how much you pick up, you might expect to learn a little something, and perhaps be entertained. 

Wawa Mukbang

Have you ever wanted to watch two strangers eat an absurd amount of Wawa for 40 minutes? Here you go.