26–year–old alternative singer Matt Maeson brought his album to life at The Foundry on Nov. 2, 2019. Originating in Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, Maeson was a songwriter long before being discovered by Neon Gold Records in 2016. As a kid, he learned both guitar and drums before touring as a part of his dad’s prison ministry, performing at maximum security penitentiaries. Eventually, he started to post his work to Soundcloud where he was discovered for his music and brought into the industry.

His first EP Who Killed Matt Maeson? was released in March of 2017. Since then, he's released plenty of hits like “Cringe,” which hit number one on the Billboard Alternatives chart and his second EP, The Hearse. In April, he released his debut studio album, Bank on the Funeral—an album full of raw, memorable melodies and buoyant, rock vibes—and sold out his first headline tour. He also performed on Late Night With Seth Meyers for his newest work, which included a live performance of the popular track, "Cringe."

Needless to say, Maeson is quickly rising in the music scene, with a barrage of dedicated fans attending his concert—part of his national The Day You Departed tour. Before he even took the stage, the venue was packed with restless fans. As Matt’s opener, Moby Rich, finished their set, the crowd waited in anticipation. Eventually, a cheer of “Matt! Matt! Matt!” broke out just before he took the stage.

Matt's songs on Spotify have nothing on his live performance of his album and EPs. The live band and guitar riffs made it feel so much more real. His vocal control and ability to maneuver through his melodies was outstanding. He sang his heart out on stage, showing that his vocal capabilities cannot fully be captured through a recording.

He started the night off with “Tread On Me,” an acoustic rock song that hyped the audience for what was to come. He followed that with songs such as “I Just Don’t Care That Much” and “Legacy.” Some of the highlights of the night included when he sang "Beggar’s Song," and let the crowd—who knew all the lyrics—sing it to the end. During his song “Mr. Rattlebone,” he showed off his guitar skills in between the haunting verses. Just when everyone thought he was finished after “Bank on the Funeral,”—the album's titular track—he came back for an encore. Fans couldn’t control their excitement as he finished with “Hallucinogenics,” one of his more well–known songs from the album.

Beyond just the music, Matt Maeson was also interactive and down–to–earth. He made the audience feel like personal friends coming to support him for his performance. In between songs, he’d give short backstories about how a song came about or narratives about his musical journey. Before playing his song “Feel Good,” he talked about how he’d originally started the song a decade ago, and only recently came across it again and finished it. He also mentioned how two years prior, he’d performed at the same venue as an opener, and now, he was the headliner. There were other moments, too, when he simply conversed with the audience and teased at what songs he’d sing next.

By the end of the show, nobody wanted it to end. Even with the encore, the crowd continued cheering as loud as possible, begging for just one more performance. Unfortunately—and to the dismay of most of the crowd—he stopped the encore at just one song. Still, it showed the incredible effect Matt's performance had on his audience. There was something so genuine and entrancing about both his music and stage presence. This up–and–coming artist is definitely one to watch out for. He may have only released his first album this past year, but it doesn’t seem like he’ll be disappearing anytime soon.


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