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Julia Esposito


My Body, My Insecurity

 How I tumbled down the rabbit hole of body insecurity

I’m Allergic to the Cold. No, I’m Not Kidding.

How I’ve grown into having an unusual allergy

On Tinder and Tarot Cards

How I learned what it means to love during quarantine

The Problematic History of Disney

How the beloved company has failed us in the past

The Pope Isn’t As LGBTQ Friendly as People Think

The Pope's recent pledge of support for same–sex civil unions is not what it appears to be. 

How Amy Coney Barrett's Confirmation May Affect Marriage Equality

And why the setup of the Supreme Court seriously needs to be re-evaluated.

Indigenous Communities Have Been Disproportionately Affected by COVID–19

How America is dangerously repeating its dark history of neglect and ignorance. 

Bad Things Happen in Philadelphia—But You Still Need to Vote.

Despite Trump's claims of corrupt mail–in ballots, you should vote.

Queer Dating On Campus: What It’s Like for Lady–Loving Ladies

A recently re–shaped social club, Sappho, aims to create a safe space for Queer women. 

How I Morphed into an Obsessive Tea Drinker

(And why I don't regret it).

How I Morphed into an Obsessive Tea Drinker

(And why I don't regret it).

Making Worlds is Making Strides Towards Inclusivity

This local bookseller has found a silver lining among the summer's chaos: People are thirsty for books.

Why Upperclassmen Should Check Out This Year’s Penn Reading Project

James Baldwin's "My Dungeon Shook" reminds readers that the America of the 1960s isn't all that different from today's.

How #BLM is Reshaping Major League Baseball

As the MLB shows support for the Black Lives Matter Movement, many are questioning whether or not it's enough.

Surpassing Deadlines: Finnegan Biden's Successful Campaign to Extend Pass/Fail

Motivated by the concerns of her fellow classmates, rising senior Finnegan Biden successfully petitioned Penn's administration to extend grading options

Ego of the Week: Noa Jett

Meet the Jazz and Grooves director who enjoys photography and is passionate about helping her community

Ego of the Week: Ciara Brown

Meet the V-Day performer who hopes to one day join the NYC theater scene

Ego of the Week: Toni Rinaldi

Meet the Senior with a love for music and architecture

Gabriela Alvarado, CAFSA Board Member, Sheds her Anonymity

Meet the first-year who has been an activist since high school

Ego of the Week: Rachel Prokupek

Meet the Wharton senior with a dream of opening her own restauraunt.
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