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Julia Esposito


MLMs, Unpaid Internships, and Love Bombing

How companies use this manipulative recruitment tactic to trap potential members like myself

Pictures of Space: Art That’s Out of This World?

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is making complicated science both accessible and beautiful.

Gopuff: The Death of Local Convenience Stores?

How Gopuff steals customers from your local corner store

Amatonormativity and the Complex Web of Relationships

Untangling my flawed perceptions of romance

Peeking Behind the Golden Curtain

America’s Got Talent faces accusations of fraud and discrimination.

Before You Buy, Read Yitty’s Itty–Bitty Fine Print

Lizzo's new underwear brand prides itself on body inclusivity—but its marketing tactics are surprisingly manipulative.

r/UPenn vs. Sidechat: Battle of the Anonymous Apps

A closer look behind the screen into anonymity, relatability, and popularity 

Dan Howell, Creator Burnout, and the Pitfall of YouTube Capitalism

How Dan Howell's recent comeback enlightens viewers to YouTube's dark underbelly.

Marvel’s Obsession with Shock Value in 'Dr. Strange: Multiverse of Madness'

How the new Dr. Strange movie falls into Marvel’s old traps.

Penn 10: Natasha Chity–Guevara

The Hispanic studies major and Penn Persian Society co–president dreams of being a professor in Latin American literature.

Cooking Basics for College Students

How to find cheap, easy and quick dinner recipes.

Putting the Pieces Together

 How I developed a puzzling hobby to get through panic and anxiety.

Philia: A Playlist of Platonic Love

 Looking for a playlist to blast on Pal–entine’s Day? We’ve got you covered.

How Quarantine Saved My Penn Career

When the pandemic started, I was applying to transfer out of Penn. Now, I’m glad I didn’t.

A Love Story Between Coffee and an Anxiety–Ridden Student

Unpacking my rollercoaster relationship with lattes and cold brews

Overcoming the Male Gaze

My journey to realizing that beauty doesn't depend on what men think of me

My Body, My Insecurity

 How I tumbled down the rabbit hole of body insecurity

I’m Allergic to the Cold. No, I’m Not Kidding.

How I’ve grown into having an unusual allergy

On Tinder and Tarot Cards

How I learned what it means to love during quarantine

The Problematic History of Disney

How the beloved company has failed us in the past
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