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Letter from the Editor

From 'The Simpsons' to Campus Activism, Street Is Here, There, and Everywhere

With love, SSSF


34th Street logos through the years.

Photo: Julia Schorr

Yes, you might remember 34th Street as the DP’s cooler and sexier older sister. We like that title, but we’ve also grown up a bit since the last time you picked up a copy inside or outside of the DP, or snatched the latest issue from a staffer on Locust Walk. 

34th Street is Penn’s premier arts and culture magazine. We’re brazenly independent—like all good older sisters—with sharp, reported content, wry arts and culture coverage, and a staff bursting with creatives ready to bring the world a dose of laughter, justice, and hope. Our alums have given you The Simpsons, an astrology app that’s probably on your phone right now, and soon, a young adult movie your children will be begging to go see. 

Our little magazine has always had a big mission: to take the frivolous seriously, and to support in turn the larger communities that have kept ink on our pages for a little over fifty–two years. In the past year alone, we’ve chatted with viral TikTokers and shared the stories of Uyghur students far from home. We’ve canceled Taylor Swift and challenged Amy Gutmann to better advocate for West Philadelphia’s Black community. We’ve profiled emerging politicians, activists, and podcasters—all from computer screens across the country. And we’d like to think this experience has made us more resilient; we exist and persist to remind the student body what Penn stands for.

Street is indispensable in the same way your morning latte or blunt best friend is. We’re here to tell you the truth, or provide some joy, and most often do both at the same time. As for the truth right now? Street is going through puberty. We have some big goals for 2021: a glossy monthly magazine, more reported work that connects Penn with the West Philadelphia community, and the most diverse and inclusive staff this publication has ever seen. 

Street is forever, but Street is changing for the better. Help us get there.


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