Spring break is over. That means goodbye to your friends' annoying #PVdiet bitching and hello to a beautiful greasy slice of Lorenzo's pizza. But if you feel like working off a long night of drunk eats, have no fear: Philly is home to some of the most fun workout classes that fly by faster than you can say Pottruck.

1. Hoopfit

Where: Studio 34, 4522 Baltimore Avenue 215-387-3434

What: This 60–minute class involves oversized hula hoops to strengthen and tone core muscles. Before your awkward dance moves during Bar Mitzvah season '08 come back to haunt you, get this: one class burns up to 400-600 calories.

$: $12, plus no pre–registration: such a perk for the indecisive.

Insider Tip: Other classes offered at Studio 34 include different variations of yoga (beginner, align and flow, restorative) and other wild–card classes like African drumming and Zumba.

2. Aerial and Acrobatic Yoga

Where: Kaya Aerial Yoga, 225 Quarry Street, Old City 215-550-5344

What: Kaya's aerial yoga classes use silk hammocks that are suspended from the ceiling to deepen stretches and increase flexibility. Classes are offered seven days a week to cater to every skill level, so beginners are always welcome.

$$: $20 per class and $25 for a drop–in. Your first week of unlimited aerial and circus classes is $39

Insider Tip: Make sure you wear close–fitting clothing to avoid flashing strangers.

3. Aqua Aerobics

Where: Sweat Fitness, 1425 Arch Street 215-564-0303

What: Aquamotion classes at Sweat Fitness's new Center City location involve water aerobics with cardio intervals and kick–board work.

$: Classes at certain times are labeled free for non-members.

Insider Tip: The pool is saltwater, which is less drying and damaging than chlorine. BYO friends, swim cap and one–piece if you want to reenact this semi–creepy birth control commercial.

4. Pole Dancing

Where: Flaunt Fitness, 1939 S 17th Street 267-699-6636

What: With a motto that says "Get fit & flaunt it" and classes that range from "Beginner Pole" to "Seductive Dance/Floor Work," it shouldn't be hard to figure out what kind of dancing you'll be doing in this workout class. After 60 minutes, you'll have a newfound appreciation for those climbs and spins the pros do. And for the next week, your aching arms and legs will remind you to stop saying, "I'm just going to quit school and become a stripper" every time you bomb an assignment.$: Pole classes are $15 and dance classes are $10 for all non–members.

Insider Tip: Wear shorts. There's a reason why strippers preform nearly naked—that direct skin–to–pole friction might hurt like a bitch, but it's a must for some of the more complicated moves. 


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