St. Paddy's Day is quickly approaching. To ensure you last through your 8 a.m. pregame and the full darty you'll be attending, pound one of these classic Irish coffees first thing in the morning. And remember (coffee before) liquor before beer!

You'll need:

1.5 ounces Irish Whiskey

6 ounces hot, strong coffee

Whipped Cream

Optional: 3/4 ounce Irish cream, or a teaspoon of brown sugar, for a sweet kick 


Pour the whiskey into a large coffee mug. Add the hot coffee. If you're adding sugar or cream, do so now and stir until it dissolves. Add a hefty serving of whipped cream on top (spring break is over, after all). Garnish with green sprinkles (they have clover–shaped ones at FroGro) for a festive touch.

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