Most Awkward: 

"A brother offered to help me get a bid if I hooked up with him." 

Most Entitled: 

"I chatted with a senior in TriDelt about vacation getaway spots. It was fifteen minutes of island name dropping." 

Most Ridiculous: 

"I once spent the entire time talking to a girl who only knew the word 'yes.' She didn't know any other English phrase."

Most Strange: 

“One told me she had a pet iguana and that she hated her roommate because she wanted the lights off by 8:30pm every night for her iguana but her roommate in Hill wouldn't let her turn the lights off.”

Most Embarrassing: 

“I was talking to a girl during rush who asked about my broken arm. Turns out her brother fell on me and broke it. Expect the medical bills.”

Most Offensive: 

“A rush didn’t recognize me at first because I ‘looked so different with less make up on.’ Subtle.”

Most Crazy: 

"I spoke to a guy who was convinced that every virus ever had been made by the government, dating back to the bubonic plague. I asked him if they even had labs then, and he assured me they did." 


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