Let's be real: Many of us were likely disappointed by the lack of Hogwarts acceptance letters on our eleventh birthdays. We all managed to get accepted into a prestigious university that lacks actual magic, but redeems itself aesthetically and sometimes just captures the very spirit of the wizarding world. We’ve reviewed some of the most Harry Potter–esque places on campus so you can take the most convincing cosplay pictures possible.

College Hall:

The real spell of College Hall? It looks exactly like the admissions brochures we obsessed over in high school. While it's true that the classrooms in College Hall are somewhat underwhelming—okay, let's be honest, they're sad and hot—it looks good on the outside, and that's really all that matters. Plus, it's Amy G's (Gumbledore?) stomping grounds and where all of our acceptance letters were sent out of, which is truly ~magical~.

Fisher Fine Arts Library:

Maybe you like to study here, or maybe you're too scared to even step foot in this masterpiece of a building for fear you'll be guillotined for sneezing, but either way, Fisher Fine arts is the epitome of grandeur and is probably the kind of thing J.K. Rowling imagined for Hermione (apparently the only person in the books who ever studied for an extended period). With its iconic facade, arresting interior, and trademark silence, it truly feels like you're transported to another world ... that is, before you realize you have to do orgo. If the Fat Lady’s portrait hung in this intimidatingly quiet study spot, we wouldn’t be able to concentrate as hard as we claim to.

Hall of Flags:

Whether you’ve been to the Hall of Flags for recruitment or for a Bain info session, you probably felt anxiety in this intimidating room at some point in your Penn career. Despite the lack of mile–long tables and copious amounts of food that appear at the snap of a finger (and no, not the shitty brownies or cheese plates that they serve at info sessions), Hall of Flags definitely reminds us of the Great Hall in HP. The high ceilings, large–banner flags, and overall ominous, dark (yet somehow comforting at the same time) ambience is reminiscent of the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Huntsman Hall:

While Huntsman Hall doesn't fit the bill aesthetically, like, at all, it does encapsulate the entirety of the Slytherin ethos. Pottermore might say Slytherin is defined by "resourcefulness," but we all know that's just a euphemism for cool rationality and competitiveness, otherwise known as the life force that powers the the lights in GSRs (that and the souls of M&T).

Amy G’s House:

Much like the Chamber of Secrets, only a select few are ever let inside—well, except for the Holiday Party thing, but we’ll let it slide—and it usually remains empty, not even inhabited by its own ruler. Plus, who doesn’t want to know what’s going on behind those (unnecessary) gates? The real similarity, though, comes from the fact that in order for most to gain entry they must, like with the Chamber of Secrets, speak a rarified language to gain access safely. That is, they must be fluent in Donatingabsurdamountsofmoneytongue, which has some phonetic likenesses to Parseltongue.


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