You’ve seen them from afar, or maybe you’ve even gotten to spend some quality time with one of them (consider yourself lucky), but regardless, you know who they are. That’s right, we’re talking frat dogs. Read on to meet some of Penn’s fluffiest, friendliest and most joy–inducing creatures and learn about their fav treats, places to SABS, and the behavior that could find them in The Round Up one of these days...


Age (Dog Years): 40

Affiliation: Sig Ep

Bruno in three words: Popular, Feisty, Spirited

Favorite Treat: Bacon Bits

Favorite Place on Campus: Locust Walk

Bad Behavior: Bruno gets riled up and sprints around the house… and sometimes he poops on the stairs.


Age (Dog Years): 20

Affiliation: Phi Delt

Indie in three words: Timid, Loyal, Loving

Favorite Treat: Hamburger

Favorite Place on Campus: Her owner’s room.

Bad Behavior: She refuses to pick up on any of the Swedish her owner is trying to teach her. He figured the sounds would be easier for her to pick up than English, but it isn't sticking, unfortunately.


Age (Dog Years): 19

Affiliation: Kappa Sig

Teddy in three words: Stubborn, Stunning, Sweet

Favorite Treat: Iams dog treats

Favorite Place on Campus: Penn Park

Bad Behavior: Teddy ran down the first child he ever saw, playing a game of chase with an unwilling participant, read: A terrified little girl who ran off Locust and into Phi Delt to try to escape. Teddy, of course, thought they were just having fun.