There's more to spring break than passing out on a beach and throwing up before 3 p.m. Check out what Penn students did during the past week, and start planning your next SB2K17.


Photo credit: Will Slotznick

1. Will Slotznick (C '17), Hannah Van Drie (C '17), Olga Belyanina (C '17), Nimay Kulkarni (E '17) and Ivan Sandoval (C '17) went canoeing and backpacking in Louisiana. This included kayaking down the Bayou amongst a million alligators, getting knee–deep in a crawfish bowl and drinking mimosas with hostel owners. 

Photo credit: Mo Leitner 

3. LAX girls fermented in Philadelphia for the entire week of spring break. They had games against Brown and Georgetown, practices from 10 or 11 a.m. to 2 or 3 p.m. and were lucky enough to squeeze in a team bonding laser tag game. LAX member Mo Leitner (C '18) included that Penn Wrestlers cooked them dinner the Friday night before break ended. So, that's cute at least.

Photo Credit: Emmy Zevallos

4. Nine SAE guys, Jeffery Silver (C '17), Pele Coolins (C '17), Eli Goldman (SAS), Max Newberger (C '17), Peter Herbst (C '17), Jonathan Baer (C '17), Michael Youniss (C '17), Andrew Becker (C '17) and Charlie Van Doren (C '17) and three girls, Emma Leibowitz (C '17), Caroline Flores (W '17) and Emmy Zevallos (C '17), went to Arizona and Utah to visit the Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion. The pack hiked, drank, went to a baseball game, discussed climate change, drove to Las Vegas, and learned shit. Applications for this friend group will be coming out in a few weeks. 

Photo Credit: Maddie Leonard

5. Alternate Spring Break, an organization that gives students the opportunity to volunteer over spring break, went to Austin, TX and worked with a non–profit called the Workers Defense Project, which protects construction workers from wage theft and unsafe working conditions. After a delayed flight due to mechanical problems, these ASB–ers got put up by Delta in a dope Holiday Inn with a pool and hot tub, and they got to sleep in beds for the first time in a week. 

Photo credit: Monica Donegan

6. Monica Donegan (C '16) took an environmental science class this semester called Puerto Rico Ecology, taught by Dr. Sarah Willig. For the class' eight–day field study, the group traversed the island to check out all the different ecosystems with their unique flora and fauna. They hiked through a rain forest, coastal scrubland, dry forest and karst topography (aka caves). Monica recalled that during a night hike at the Sabana field station in El Yunque National Forest, she came across a snail chilling with a tiny coqui—a tiny frog, smaller than a thumbnail, with a croak loud enough to fill the forest at night. 

Photo Credit: Jordan Schack

7. ZBT junior boys Jordan Schack (W '16), Matt Wolfen (C '16), Jake Morse (C '16) and Jeff Horowitz (W '16) drove 1,500 miles from Austin to Los Angeles. They somehow managed to skip the typical four–hour wait at Franklin’s BBQ in Austin, sleep in safari tents in the west Texas artist colony of Marfa, run into Luke Bryan in the parking lot of a Mexican restaurant in a small town in New Mexico, stop at a Chicago Cubs Spring Training game outside of Phoenix, do a day hike through Joshua Tree National Park and end with Matt Wolfen's (an LA local) two–day tour of his favorite hometown spots.

Photo Credit: David Scollan

8. A class on cultural conflict and cooperation sent half of its students to Morocco and the other half to Zanzibar, Tanzania through the Penn Global Seminars Program. The Zanzibar trip went to Tanzania to learn about the peaceful coexistence of Arab, Indian and African populations there. Day trips ranged from old cities to small villages to spice farms. But they still managed to make time for swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, shopping and partying with drunken MBA students. The Morocco trip somehow managed to trek through Casablanca, Fez, Marrakech and Rabat during their week, despite their tour bus frequently getting lost, and getting cursed by an old woman while hiking in the Atlas Mountains. They did manage to make time to visit a rooftop bar in Marrakech, even huddling under blankets for warmth, only for the bar to close at midnight.