Spontaneity. A key word when talking about the concerts that Sofarsounds has been organizing since its inception. The company organizes live events in over 231 cities.  The catch? Prior to the event, a concert–goer knows neither the artist nor the venue. You won’t even know you’re physically attending until a few days before. To get tickets to the event, you need to “apply." You just click a button and fill out your name and email. If you're chosen, you get the details of the venue a few days before.  The allure of a sofarsounds event is that the participant is required to shed his or her reliance on plans. Schedules, meetings, plans. Everyone operates under the influence of minutes and seconds.  Sofarsounds pushes us to embrace the spontaneous.

Sofarsounds takes live music and elevates it to its deserved potential. All commonly controlled elements of producing a live event are left up to the public—venue, artist, ticket. The company operates on a submission–basis. Artists submit themselves to perform, owners of spaces submit the venue, and attendees enter into a raffle to be able to attend a concert. Sofarsounds has hosted concerts in Philly, NYC, Dallas, Leeds....more than 230 cities around the world.  They have featured artists like Bastille and Leon Bridges. 

Sofarsounds events are said to be—and excuse the phrase, but embrace its validity—magical. The people, the venue, the artist. All are there because they appreciate live music. Every person in the room knowingly committed to see an unnamed artist perform. Quite the unifying concept. Plus, the venues are unique and catch you by surprise. Everywhere from bedrooms, theatres, attics and living rooms.  Check out their website; they have everything documented. 

That being said, there is a Sofarsounds concert on April 3rd. If you’ve learned something from this article, it is that you should apply for a ticket.  We'll keep you updated on whether we win the chance to review.  Check out one of their concerts below. 


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