Perhaps between spring fling, finals, formal season and senior week, the last thing to cross your mind was finding a job for the summer. Maybe your altruism or passion for politics or sheer desperation led you to accept an unpaid internship. Either way, June is here, and you don’t have enough to make cover at Gilded Lily (or, if we’re being honest, at Smoke's). Luckily for you, Street scoured Craigslist for the best of the worst last minute summer employment options. (Ed. note: these are actually real Craigslist ads. The world is a crazy place, folks.)

New York:

The money signs emphasize how lucrative of an ending this one is. I guess there are happy endings after all.

Seems legit.

This one is actually pretty challenging because you can't eat the dessert. Only for the strong willed.


**Writes “mechanical engineering summer fellow” on resume**

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Unfortunately you have to be 21 for this one, but I think I might make “independent, spirited, opinionated, outspoken, and endlessly entertaining” my Tinder bio.


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I'm both intensely curious and weirdly self-conscious about my feet now.

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Making up a job to improve your Instagram followers ratio is genius if you ask me.

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To be honest I can’t even deal with my own bulls***.


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