You're back at Penn and the first thing you need is topics for those post-summer mini-catch-up conversations.  We all know you don't want to spew the same "so, what did you do this summer?" line, so why not stand out from the crowd and include a little music news? A lot of things happened this summer.  Here's the low down. 

Frank Ocean 

If you were following the Frank Ocean fiasco this summer, you probably have trust issues now. I know I do.  In short:  ever since Frank Ocean released "Channel Orange" in 2011, people have been waiting for his new album. Finally, the internet blew up in July that his album would be released THAT FRIDAY. Even the New York Times said it, so its definite. Right? Wrong. The day came and went, and no Frank. If you scrolled through twitter the Friday Frank Ocean’s album was allegedly set to be released, you would find an array of hate-tweets from Frank Ocean’s fans. Our favorite: “If this album ass, I’m never going in an ocean again. FRANKLY, I won’t. This album better have Jesus on it” - Jay Versace.  FINALLY - the day in August comes along and Frank releases a visual album “Endless” along with his new album "Blonde" two days later.  Get the full timeline here.

Bon Iver 

It’s been too long. Bon Iver announced the coming of a new album, along with the release of two new songs in August. The new songs are called “22 (OVER S∞∞N)" and "10 d E A T h b R E a s T ⚄ ⚄” Yeah we don’t get it either - but we’re still excited. Its the first time the band has released music since their 2011 album “Bon Iver”. 

Gucci Mane

He got released from prison in June, and is on house arrest until his official release in September. This means he's started working on new music though...

DOJ Decision 

In short, songwriters (yes, Beyonce does not write all of her own music, sob) don’t get enough money for what they write. Actually, they get relatively nothing compared to what artists are making. This issue was brought up the DOJ, who made a decision this July to…. do absolutely nothing. The music industry went up in arms – with multiple execs issuing public statements and addressing song writers across the US, but the issue remains unresolved. Read more here.

Blink 182 

Released a new album in July. Their first album was released in 1994 – the year I was born for all of you that need to know. So from a historical standpoint, listen to this album.

DJ Khaled 

“Major Key” bumped Drake off the #1 spot of the Billboard 200 in August… burn.

Presidential Playlist

Obama released two of his very own curated Spotify playlists, and they’re good. Not because he's the president, but because he has an ear for good music. Leon Bridges and Sara Bareilles make appearances. Check out his daytime playlist and his nighttime playlist (which is surprisingly sexual, you dog).


Just, him. After releasing his new album in May, he dominated all of our Spotify playlists and Instagram captions. “Oh my god… caption it… Views” So. clever.  In addition, he remains on Billboard Top Artist at #1 for 20 weeks. 20. 

Melania Trump 

Released a new album titled “Lemonade”.  Oh, wait.

#Swiftgate 2 

 a term first coined by the internet in 2009, when Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMAs. The term returns when Kim Kardashian leaked a video of Taylor Swift OK’ing Kanye’s lyrics - after she publicly criticized said lyrics of his song “Famous”. Bitch, bye.

Famous Video 

Kanye releases a video of naked stars. Das it.


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