With the presidential election just a few weeks away, Ameri - cans have to buckle down and figure out who they are going to vote for. The majority of the country is split between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, though a new candidate has ris - en to national popularity. Aaron Burr, the third Vice President of the United States, is back and running in the 2016 election as a Democratic–Republican. The first to run from his party in decades, Burr is hoping to gain the undecided vote. 

The main challenge Burr is facing in this election is the frequent mistaking of him for Leslie Odom Jr., the actor who played Aaron Burr in the hit musical Hamilton. At a recent press conference, an audience member shouted across the room, “I thought you were black,” which confused Burr so much he needed to “Take a Break” from his speech. Feeling “Helpless,” he turned to his campaign manager, Lin– Manuel Miranda, for support, who suggested he just try to “Stay Alive” for the rest of the conference. 

While Clinton has had to deal with her e–mail scandals and Trump has had to deal with being Trump, Burr joins the list of scandals by adding “killed competitor Alexander Hamilton in duel” to this list of hot political gossip. Just after Trump’s video of the Billy Bush interview was leaked, an anonymous source sent a hand– drawn illustration of the duel to the Washington Post. Burr tried to sue the Post, which failed miserably. “It must be nice,” he said, “having the Washington Post on your side.” 

Burr has also had some ad - vantages in this election due to the pop culture phenomenon he has become. For one thing, his disses for his competitors are practically written for him. On The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Burr was quoted saying he had two words for each of the candidates. For Trump, “Talk less.” For Hillary, “Smile more.” There are high hopes for Burr in this election. We are just waiting for him to “Blow Us All Away.”