As many sophomores are working on abroad applications for next fall, they may want to take into account an exciting new program beginning next semester. Students will now be able to study abroad on 43rd and Market streets, an area that was deemed “too dangerous for Penn programs until now,” according to the press release.

Kathy Edelman, an advisor in the Penn Global office, spoke to Street about the program.

“We realized that this was probably the only area in the world that even our most privileged students haven’t had the opportunity to visit,” she told us. To help participants acclimatize to their new surroundings, there will be numerous orientation meetings. “We know that the culture shock will be intense. The location is about four blocks from a Starbucks, which may deeply upset some students,” Kathy said.

On campus, the response was a mix of curiosity and suspicion. Matt Wahlberg (C '18) lamented that the program did not exist sooner: “I studied abroad in London, which I had already been to four times. Being in Europe was so boring, 'cause there was nothing new for me there. This would have been cool.” 

Conversely, Anna Graciano (E, W '19) felt that “it might be, like, too exotic.” She explained, “I want to go to Cape Town because my dad does tons of business there and loves it. But I don’t know anyone who’s ever been to 43rd Street.”

The application for Fall 2017 is open until March 1. International Relations majors are especially encouraged to apply.


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