Watch out climate change deniers, you have a new opponent: Lizzie Peters (C ‘17). Lizzie became an environmental activist last week when she realized the dire consequences of climate change. “I file all my Course Absence Reports as medical emergencies because of my chronic SAD. But I might not be able to do that anymore.” Lizzie is referring to “Seasonal Affective Disorder,” a depression caused by cold weather and lack of sunlight. Student Health Services told us that students filing medical emergencies related to SAD are highest for math recitations on Friday mornings and the Monday after Saint Patrick’s Day.

For Lizzie, SAD has become an integral part of her academic lifestyle. When she realized the planet is heating up, she knew she had to take action.

“Climate change is going have to stop, because I don’t have time to fake another diagnosis," she said. Lizzie now regularly uses her Camelback and even checked into Standing Rock on Facebook. Lizzie reported a new feeling of satisfaction: “I love making a difference. And I look so good in Birkenstocks.”


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