In an unprecedented move, this past Monday freshman Sydney Wilkins (W ‘21) spent an entire hour–long period by herself. Unaccompanied by any other freshmen for a full 60 minutes, Wilkins managed to make it through the entire period without crying, being embarrassed, or spontaneously combusting.

Eyewitness accounts reported that Wilkins entered Hill College House by herself and swiped into the dining hall, not even using headphones to make it seem like she was listening to a podcast.

“I saw her go get food all by herself. She wasn’t listening to music, or pretending to text anyone. She was just...standing there, waiting for her grilled chicken with veggies,” said a College freshman who asked to remain anonymous. “I...truly couldn’t believe it. I asked her if she was okay, and she just sort of nodded. I mean, who does that?” he added.

Security camera footage tracked Wilkins throughout the remainder of the hour as she ate her dinner in peaceful silence, packed up her bag, and left for a club meeting.

Security guards recounted the harrowing experience of watching her eat unattended. 

“I mean, I’m an adult, so I eat alone all the time, but Lord, I was terrified for this girl. A freshman? Having the confidence to be alone? What if she saw her hall there? Or a bunch of scary athletes? Or that mean girl Anna? I just wanted to put some strangers on either side of her to give her a buffer. So scary,” said security guard Jason Stanley.

Street has reached out to Wilkins for further comment.