Three weeks after publishing the less–than–stellar attendance rates of fraternities to required campus events, the Interfraternity Council (IFC) has released a new list of mandatory events for all affiliated fraternities.

“We are tremendously excited about these new campus events,” said IFC President Chad Dannon (C '18). “We understand that the previous list of events were perhaps too complicated or strenuous to attend for our members. However, we really believe that these programs will open the eyes of our constituent members and allow them to really engage on the issues!”

The updated list of events are as follows:

  1. A brief meeting explaining what the Vagina Monologues are
  2. A brief meeting explaining what a vagina is
  3. Innocent bystander encouragement session
  4. Workshop: Speak to a woman about sports while not also asking her if she is really qualified to be discussing said sport
  5. Workshop: Speak to a woman about her career without insinuating she could sleep her way to the top
  6. Workshop: Speak to a woman

Additionally, due to fraternity backlash, the IFC announced that they will no longer expect 100% attendance at each event.

“It was very unfair of the IFC to expect us to have 100% attendance at an event that’s supposed to, what—teach us how to interact honestly with our classmates and peers?” said a College senior and fraternity member, who wished to remain anonymous due to his desire to never experience any consequences for any of his actions.

Fraternities will now be expected to send 2 percent of their total membership to each event.

“The way we see it, as long as like, one guy knows this stuff, he’ll probably tell everyone else... right?” said Dannon. “Pretty sure that’s how male relationships work. One man learns the truth and then immediately tells all of his other male friends about it and encourages them to change.”