Now that this weird summer–fall hybrid seems to have finally given way to just straight up cold weather, it’s time to bring out those warm boots and sweaters that have been in the back of your closet since last year. 

Washing Cold Weather Clothes

First things first, let's get rid of that jacket–that–has–been–in–a–musty–box–for–months smell. If you have a lot of ~fancy~ sweaters that technically need to be hand washed, consider getting some wash bags so you can throw your delicate cozy knits in with your normal laundry loads and never worry about losing a wool sock again. If you’re less concerned about being gentle with your sweaters, you may have a problem getting them to dry if you don’t have an easy way to hang dry clothing. Make sure to wring out heavy items like sweatshirts before throwing them in the dryer. If you’re looking for something to make sure your thicker clothes get dry, some people swear by these dryer balls to speed up drying time for heavy loads of cold weather clothing. 

De–Pill Your Sweaters

There are few things in life better than a well–loved sweater. But after some time, pilling is practically inevitable. Get yourself a new disposable razor and set your sweater on a flat surface. Take the razor and “shave” the sweater in small, downward motions to take off the little fuzzballs that have accumulated. If you’re dealing with more delicate fabrics, like cashmere, try not to press too hard with the razor. Pilling sucks, but a ripped sweater sucks more. 

Un—Scuffing Leather Boots

If you still have some salt scuffing on your boots from last year’s winter, get a clean, soft washcloth and dip it into a mixture of warm water and a moisturizing hand or dish soap. Gently clean the needed areas with the soapy washcloth. Go back over the same places after with another damp washcloth, dipped only in water rather than a soap mixture.


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