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Marley Coyne


Downtown Funk

In the cover photo for an event on Facebook, a young woman arches her back, and opens her mouth. Champagne spills down her throat, froths over her bare shoulders, soaks her long hair.

Older, Not Wiser

4 a.m. fears rarely stand to reason in the morning light. The irrational insecurities that race through your brain, colliding like cars on the Autobahn, slow down as the sun comes up.

La Pegging for More

Oo la la, this French brasserie is worth a visit to Fishtown.

Penn Fall Preview

Welcome home. A lot has changed since we submitted our last assignments, had our bags checked at Van Pelt and used our final Dining Dollars on overpriced salsa at Gourmet Grocer.

Pack it: Oh, Hot Ham

Upcoming Penn Performances in NYC

If you’re planning on taking a trip to New York this month, think about going one of these weekends to catch the performances of some pretty talented Penn students.


Our hat choices have never been on point.

Drink of the Week: Fire and Ice

The hottest thing to cool you off.

QUIZ: At Which BYO Brunch Should You Munch This Weekend?

Because hangovers don't cure themselves.

This Week in Philly: Top 5

World Cup Edition

Word on the Street: So I Fucked Up My Five Year Plan

At the beginning of this summer, I made a 78–item to do list. Tasks ranged from the mundane (email academic advisor) to the absolutely critical (bikini wax ASAP) to the unlikely to receive a check mark (run half marathon). The List (one of many) is part of my Five Year Plan, an ambitious—probably cocky—set of goals which include drafting a novel before turning twenty two, getting into a top law school, and deferring the offer for a year or two participate in a fellowship abroad that fuses human rights research with journalism.

Backpage: 04.24.2014

Shoutouts by the numbers!

Backpage: 04.17.2014

Backpage: 04.10.2014

In Defense of Fling: An Open Letter to the Penn Administration

Backpage: 04.03.2014

How much an ivy league education (and president) is worth. Salaries reflect annual figures.

Amy Gutmann: A Fashion Retrospective

Street takes a strut down memory lane with Queen Gutmann to highlight her signature looks. Take note—you too can rock the A–Gut.

Backpage: 03.20.2014

Backpage 02.27.2014

Simplicity Meets Innovation at High Street on Market

Raising the bar higher.

Backpage: 02.20.2014

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