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Julia Liebergall



You psyched, bro?

A Broadening Education: Counterpoint

The deadline for most study abroad applications is quickly approaching, but not everyone will be hitting submit on the 15th. WOTS does double–time this week, bringing you perspectives on Penn Abroad from both sides of the Atlantic.

​The HeyDaze Q&A: We’re definitely not in Smokes anymore

Street caught up with Jesse Fink, lead singer and guitarist for The HeyDaze, to find out how the Penn-spawned pop band is handling fame, national tours, headlining shows and teenage fangirls

Hurrah for the Red, White and Blue

Penn salutes the brave men and women of the NROTC.

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall

Chip Roman's new joint has deep roots in seasonal American cooking

Netflix Pick of the Week: “A League of Their Own”

There’s no crying in baseball. Not even if you’re on your period.

Netflix Pick of the Week: Anastasia

This week, Netflix gets animated (and Russian).

Penn Fall Preview

Welcome home. A lot has changed since we submitted our last assignments, had our bags checked at Van Pelt and used our final Dining Dollars on overpriced salsa at Gourmet Grocer.

Netflix Pick of the Week: The Believer

Ryan Gosling is going to be a dad, and what better way to say “Mazel Tov!” than to watch one of his lesser-known yet extremely riveting roles.

Netflix Pick of the Week: How to Survive a Plague

Powerful and important

Netflix Pick of the Week: Orange is the New Black

Le Duh.

Review: Friends with Better Lives

There are two reasons why I’m looking forward to March 31st: it’s my 21st birthday, and it’s the series premiere of CBS’s new sitcom, “Friends With Better Lives.” With “How I Met Your Mother” coming to a close and Pottruck’s limited supply of “Friends” episodes quickly diminishing, I need a new group of dysfunctional friends to be jealous of.

August: Italian Restaurant For All Seasons

South Philly’s neighborhood joint makes even the dead of winter seem sunny

Word on the Street: Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Right on the (Bent) Button

Penn’s only film production club shows prowess of aspiring filmmakers

Manchildren Through the Ages

Check out the evolution of the archetypal Manchild below.

Word on the Street: The Quest For A Gay Best Friend

[Please see ed. note at bottom of post] I have given myself a mission. Nope, it’s not to finish my freshman year with a 4.0, nor is it to use all my meal swipes by the end of the semester, nor is it even to successfully get into Smoke’s.

Extremely Soon and Incredibly Sad

Jonathan Safran Foer’s novel is adapted into an affecting cinematic affair

Champagne Tastes Flat in Marshall’s New Year’s Flick

Leave out the whine, but bring on the cheese; this stereotypical chick flick doesn’t leave us hating it.
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