Welcome home. A lot has changed since we submitted our last assignments, had our bags checked at Van Pelt and used our final Dining Dollars on overpriced salsa at Gourmet Grocer. We mourn the loss of ratchet University City staples. We strut along newly opened sidewalks. We tap our PennCards. But in an age of change, Street is here to help. Whether you’re student or faculty, jock or NARP, aspiring class president or actual university president (@AmyG), turn the page and find out what to expect from Fall 2014.


New Penn, new you

The New Development at 40th and Sansom

Penn now has its own block of new restaurants to brag about, so get lost, Drexel. Slated to open last spring, developers have promised that Blarney’s more sophisticated neighbor will be ready for customers some time this fall. The building will hold a new pizzeria, Zesto, as well as froyo franchise Whirled Peace. Note: there will also be a Dunkin’ Donuts, but it didn’t seem fit to compare it to Shake Shack. Small victories, Drex’.

38th Street Bridge

If you’re lucky, you’ll faceplant onto Daddy’s name, since the university added new donor bricks to the newly paved walkway. Bonus: it's even steeper now...no need to use the Thighmaster anymore.

Wistar Institute

For three years, Penn students have been forced to walk on the food–cart side of Spruce Street. But now our commutes—and our lives—shine with the opening of Wistar, a fully fledged, ground–breaking cancer research center. 3601 Spruce St.


Things to put on your dry–erase dorm calendar

The Heydaze on tour

After opening for Jesse McCartney this summer, Penn’s very own boy band is putting class on hold and heading on the road with Timeflies this fall. Catch their headline show at Union Transfer on October 15.

Penn vs. Princeton

Honestly, football’s not really the point, but let’s pretend to have team spirit anyway. Catch the away game on November 8. Just don’t miss the bus back.

Philly Restaurant Week

Eat more. Pay less. Get on OpenTable now and schedule your next lin din for sometime between September 7–19 (weekends excluded).


New joints to (re)gain the freshman 15

Nom Nom Ramen

Staying true to culinary trends, Penn has yet another ramen place to brag about. The popular Center City–based noodle bar is opening its second location between Quiznos and A&W in the questionable 34th & Walnut food court. However, the spicy miso soup and pork buns offer food court–ers a much needed sojourn from Quiznos’ Peppercorn Prime Rib Sub. With over 200 Yelp reviews and a 3.5 star rating, maybe people will actually come to the food dungeon for a change. 34th and Walnut streets.


Decorated like a mix between Rumor and a spaceship, this sushi/bubble tea experience is closer to Van Pelt than Mizu and cheaper than Pod. We're sold. 36th and Chestnut streets.

Pizza Hut

They deliver.

#BringBackDPDough #DeepDishMediocrity. 33 S. 40th St.


Gone but not forgotten, we pay tribute to Penn’s fallen

Einstein Bros Bagels

This tragedy proves that semi–hysterical Yelp reviews really do make a difference. Despite steady business, Houston Hall’s bagel joint closed its doors right before the start of school due to poor online feedback. We will miss our lukewarm, toasty bagels, but we will rejoice in the ability to walk through Houston without gagging.

Sweetgreen Sweetflow

It’s no mo’...after next Wednesday, that is. Don’t worry, we’re one block closer to Whirled Peace.

Charles Plaza

As much as we loved looking in foggy mirrors as we dined on Franzia and cold lo mein, Charles Plaza is better as a relic. Good riddance, Charlie.


Reasons why your “Technology Fee” increased on this year’s tuition bill

New PennCards

Class of 2018–ers and drunk upperclassmen are now using contactless PennCards to enter residence halls and school buildings. Swiper, no swiping.

Business Radio

Powered by Wharton: Huntsman’s first-floor study room is now home of Wharton’s new 24/7 radio show. Available to SiriusXM subscribers and Sirius losers.

New 34th Street/DP websites

Finally, it loads! Ignore our blatant self–promotion and make this your homepage now.