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Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor 04.26.2022

On glossy paper, (not) sleeping in the office, and reimagining Street

Photo: Beatrice Forman

The first piece of advice I got when I came into this job was to never stay overnight in the Stroffice. I was warned that sleeping here would be the telltale sign that work had overtaken my life, and that if it ever happened, I should quit. (Thankfully, it hasn’t.)

The second piece of advice I got was that this would be the most autonomy I’d have over my work for a long time, and that I should take full advantage of it.

And I did. Starting this September, Street will finally be a real, monthly magazine—glossy paper and all. 

It’s hard to overstate how proud I am of this year's board for making such a huge change happen. While it might look like a simple relaunch from the outside, we’ve spent months planning and refining this idea—and it’s finally ready to be put out into the world.

So to all the people who haven’t let me talk their ears off about this for the past four months, allow me to give you a little window into the process of turning this pipe dream into a reality. 

We began this semester with focus groups, hoping to get a sense of what our audience wanted: a product that is equal parts tangible and tantalizing, bigger and better stories, and more campus presence. Then I spent months brainstorming and refining the idea—getting feedback from people who currently help make our magazine and some alums who used to. Finally, I presented my findings to the DP’s Executive Board and Board of Directors—spoiler alert: They said yes.

I feel like I’ve said “glossy mag” so many times that it has stopped sounding like real words. But the idea feels more real than it ever has—despite the fact that it hasn’t even happened yet. 

It’s so rare to be 21 and truly in charge of anything, let alone an entire magazine. And at the risk of sounding too sappy, I’m so proud and honored that I get to be the one to make this change. 

I’m certainly not the first person to come up with this idea—I give all my predecessors, especially Beatrice Forman, full credit for inspiring me to reimagine this magazine so dramatically. This also couldn’t have happened without the support of current board, Walden Green, Eva Ingber, Arielle Stanger, and Pia Singh. This was a team project in every way—because autonomy doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.

Before I conclude, I also want to thank all of you—for reading our content every week, for being interviewed by our writers, for liking our Instagram posts. This magazine truly wouldn’t exist without your support, and I’m so excited for you all to turn this new page with us.


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