With less than two minutes of a new track, Drake has left us pleasantly surprised. One of the recent leaks off his debut album — Thank Me Later, set for release in May — is an incomplete clip from a love song called “Fall For Your Type.” And even missing three of its verses, it’s rather good. This is surprising mostly because a title like “Fall For Your Type” suggests a cheesy and overdone foray into R&B. But somehow, Drake comes across as legitimately heartbroken, all over a slow, well-chosen beat forgivably reminiscent of 808s and Heartbreak. And somehow, he melts even the biggest popular R&B skeptic’s reserve with these lyrics, which sound improbably sincere: “Tell me why I always fall for your type — I just can’t explain this shit at all, I believe in people like you.” It’s not exactly Jodeci or even Dru Hill, but it’s enough to pique our interest in his album. For now, Drake, we give you your due.