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34th Street Executive Board

34th Street Editors

  • Eva Ingber, Features Editor
  • Angela Shen, Features Editor
  • Julia Esposito, Word on the Street Editor
  • Denali Sagner, Special Issues Editor
  • Aakruti Ganeshan, Focus Editor
  • Emily White, Focus Editor
  • Hannah Lonser, Style Editor
  • Maddie Muldoon, Ego Editor
  • Peyton Toups, Music Editor
  • Walden Green, Arts Editor
  • Arielle Stanger, Film & TV Editor
  • Alice Heyeh, Creative Director
  • Jesse Zhang, Multimedia Editor
  • Caylen David, Audience Engagement Editor

34th Street Staff

  • Features Staff Writers: Sejal Sangani, Angela Shen, Mira Sydow, Amy Xiang, Meg Gladieux
  • Focus Beat Writers: Rema Bhat, Jean Paik
  • Style Beat Writers: Kira Wang, Phuong Ngo
  • Music Beat Writers: Nora Youn, Evan Qiang, Fernanda Brizuela
  • Arts Beat Writers: Jessa Glassman
  • Film & TV Beat Writers: Harshita Gupta
  • Staff Writers: Kathryn Xu, Emily Moon
  • Multimedia Associates: Dhivya Arasappan, Sage Levine, Sophie Dai, Sophie Huang, Samantha Turner, Sudeep Bhargava, Liwa Sun, Sukhmani Kaur, Alexandra Morgan–Lindo
  • Audience Engagement Associates: Kira Wang, Yamila Frej, Liwa Sun


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