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Julia Fischer


What’s Your (Personality) Type?

As arbitrary as their answers may be, personality quizzes offer insight into our desire to know ourselves. 

Embracing the Amateur

The imperfect brushstrokes that make up an artist’s “perfection”

Putting Money Where Your Mic Is

Street's curated list of the best songs about money—a penny for our thoughts.

A Love Letter to Public Libraries

Between the endless shelves of your local public library is more than just books. 

Introducing the Birds and Beats

Spotify Blends is rejecting tradition and embracing modernity one digital mixtape at a time.

Thanks to Vince Guaraldi, Holidays May Contain 'Peanuts'

Celebrating the jazz pianist whose work found an everlasting legacy in Charlie Brown and his friends

Fifteen Years of ‘Twilight’

Reflecting on the immortal appeal of the infamous film adaptation

Anybody Can Cook, But How Do We Learn?

From tablets to Tiktok, follow Street’s deep dive into how we ended up with such high quality microwave skills.

Finding Humanity in Horror

What can horror movies and scary stories tell us about ourselves?

The Time–Traveling Magic of Japanese City Pop

A lighthearted, catchy melody leads to a tale of orientalism, international relations, and the power of the internet.
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