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Natalia Castillo


Penn 10: Rodrigo Veiga da Cunha

All roads led back to Penn for Rodrigo Veiga da Cunha.

Art in the Gaza Solidarity Encampment

A mosaic of resistance emerges on college campuses across the country.

Letter From The Editor, April 2024

Philosophizing on half–baked haikus, creation myths, and the art commodification crusade.

In Photos: The Revelries of Spring Fling

Penn’s greatest weekend of performance, artistry, and debauchery: a Spring Fling retrospective photo essay.

Ego of the Week: Walden Green

Meet Street's former editor–in–chief: patron saint of Street print production, goat milk aficionado, and Twitter ethnographer for the ages.

Letter from the Editor, March 2024

Philosophizing On Material Girls, Money Troubles, and the Multi–Level–Marketing Scheme of a College Education.

Letter from the Editor, February 2024

Philosophizing on the tangled web of love and longing online.  

No, You Can't Sit With Us

Undressing the politics behind elitism on dating apps.

Breaking the Fourth Wall: Pennfluencers Tell All

Four undergrads devoted to living life online talk the risks and rewards of turning classes into capital "C" Content.

Ego of the Week: Jerry Gao

Between cooking, teaching, and volunteering, this senior brings authenticity and joy to every corner on campus.

A Picture's Worth 365 Days

How an Instagram photo diary taught me to slow down and appreciate the ups and downs of life.

Bok Is Bigger Than a Building

Once an abandoned vocational school, the Bok Building in South Philly is now a window to the past and a haven for up–and–coming creatives. 

The Anatomy of an Unlikeable Female Protagonist

Zoey Deutch is a caricature of scammer culture in Hulu's ‘Not Okay.’ 

On Tuesdays We Go to Faye Webster Concerts

Penn’s Jazz and Grooves brings Faye Webster to World Cafe Live for an intimate performance.

Meet Anna Hoppel, the Painter Bringing Motion to a Static Form of Art

Artist Spotlight | Anna wants you to know that art is all around you and within you.

Kenny Chiu Keeps it Fresh with Fridges & Family

Fighting food insecurity in Philadelphia one fridge at a time

Falling from Startup Stardom

The death of Theranos and the docuseries genre

The Secret Lives of Penn Club Athletes

Campus’ hottest social scene that you’ve yet to explore

Down the Digital Rabbit Hole

 Social media, pseudo–identities, and saying goodbye to things in small doses. 

Table for One

A newbie's guide to redefining the solo outing through Philadelphia gems
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