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Walden Green


Letter from the Editor, March 2023

Going on antidepressants completely recalibrated the way I think about college, and it might not be the worst thing if we all became more of a Prozac Nation.

Resonant Frequencies

From biorhythms to body rhythms, these five songs by Eno, Wonder, and Guetta, among others, tap directly into the tempos of human life.

Letter from the Editor, February 2023

At Street, we take big things (a 55–year legacy, almost 10,000 undergraduate students) and big ideas (sex, among others) and make them into something personal.

Sometimes a Fantasy, Sometimes the Real Thing: In Conversation with Soccer Mommy

Street spoke with indie rock singer–songwriter Sophie Allison about turning sadness into stories and her new album, 'Sometimes, Forever.'

Take It to the Streets: What to Do in Philly This Month

This month: Haunted houses. Autumnal festivals. Story slams that are sure to be good and stand–up comedy that isn't.

Working Hard, Partying Sober

Penn is known for its drug–fueled parties and work–hard–play–harder culture. But what happens when you’re sober?

Take It to the Streets: What to Do in Philly This Month

This month: Top–billing music festivals. Flea markets. Dance parties for Beyoncé, abortion rights, and processing your childhood trauma.

Florist’s Self–Titled Album is a Portrait of a Band in Full Bloom

Emily Sprague and her friends’ intuitive musicianship merges with the natural world on their most immersive project to date. 

Aldous Harding’s Live Show Explores a New Uncanny Valley

The folk eccentric’s set at Union Transfer was a mesmerizing, surprisingly groovy deconstruction of performance and vulnerability.

Penn 10: Sam Pancoe

Sam’s proudest achievement—helping communities feel like themselves; their biggest shame—knowing too much about funding at Penn, like, way too much.

Letter from the Dining Guide Editor

On cheap eats, transcendent tomatoes, and why we write about food

Between the Lines of Philly's Radical Reading Scene

For Philadelphia’s radical, queer, and feminist bookstores, the spaces they create extend far beyond their shelves. 

Desegregating the Mind: Slought Questions City Life Through Art

The nonprofit and radical art gallery on 40th and Walnut has been around for 20 years. Why don’t students know about it?

Illuminati Hotties Brings the Pop–Punk Revival Back to the Fringes

‘Let Me Do One More’ is the crown jewel of a year that produced plenty of rippers and very few skippers.

Step in to Jasper Johns’ Hall of Mirrors at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Often thrilling and thought–provoking, 'Mind/Mirror' can also be exhausting in its exhaustiveness.

‘Are We There Yet?’: The Pennchants on Pushing Through the Pandemic

Evan Bean, Bauti Gallino, and Jack Vernon Lee take us behind the scenes of the a cappella group’s new studio album.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Plant

The Bronx Botanical Gardens serve as complement and contrast to ‘Cosmic Nature,’ an exhibition courtesy of Yayoi Kusama.

It's Doja Cat's Universe, and We’re Just Living in It

For the most part, the full–time popstar/part–time troll doesn’t chase trends on her new album, ‘Planet Her.’

Janicza Bravo’s ‘@Zola’ is Tweet–Sized and Instagram–Ready

The film is as alluring and immersive (and sometimes just as unfulfilling) as scrolling through social media.

‘Hacks’ Celebrates The Legacies of its Star Characters

For a show about stand-up comedians, the HBO Max original doesn’t shy away from weighty subjects.
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