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Walden Green


Lana Del Rey Grasps at Authenticity on ‘Chemtrails Over the Country Club’

On the singer’s insular seventh album, some experiments turn out better than others.

Post–Rock & Post–Punk in a Post–‘Spiderland’ World

Examining the lingering paranoia of the Slint album that carved out rock music, thirty years ago. 

Stay–at–Home on the Range

Why country music about travel is the perfect balm for a time when we are stuck in place.

Smerz’s ‘Believer’ is an Elegant Puzzle Box of Classical and Club

On their first full–length release, the duo expands their sonic palette while remaining their playful selves.

Black Dresses Are Relentlessly Hopeful on ‘Forever In Your Heart’

Last year, the band broke up. Now, they’ve just put out the best work of their career.

When Do We Give Up On Delayed Albums?

Lorde, Rihanna, and Chromatics have all been set to release new music ... for a while.
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