No matter how old you get, there will always be something supremely uncomfortable about buying condoms. In order to get you out of your Trojan rut, we decided to put a new brand to the test: ONE condoms. ONE seeks to make safe sex more fun through "advanced designs and technology" such as different flavors, textures and special effects (doesn't everyone want their penis to glow in the dark?!). We distributed six different types of condoms to our loyal testers to see if any of these are worth ditching the blue Trojans you steal from Student Health.

1. Pleasure Dome

The claim: "Pleasure Dome™ condoms have a larger, comfortable head size. A better fit means you and your partner can focus on what matters: your pleasure."

First impression: Kind of looks like a balloon animal on the package. Once unwrapped, it just seems to be a normal condom with some extra room at the tip.

How it felt during sex: Girl: Feels like there's extra plastic up in there Guy: Things feel more spacious and a little more comfortable.

Did it hold up? Yes.

Final thoughts: "It didn't really do much for either of us." Waste of plastic, too: Let's try to be more eco–friendly.

2. Super Sensitive

The claim: "Heighten your senses with an exceptionally sheer thin design and 50 percent more lubricant than the average condom. When you want simplicity and sensitivity this may be your new go–to."

First impression: "Looks ordinary, feels ordinary."

How it felt during sex: "Like any other condom."

Did it hold up? Yes.

Final thoughts: "It was fine, I just don't like condoms." –Fratstar boyfriend (Ed. note: how do you feel about raising a kid though?)

3. Flavor Waves

The claim: "Six unique flavors for a variety of delicious experiences: Chocolate Strawberry, Island Punch, Fresh Mint, Bubblegum, Mint Chocolate and Banana Split." Our testers tried out Chocolate Strawberry.

First impression: "Bright red and smells great. Tasted like cherry though." False advertising!

How it felt during sex: "Great because of all of the ~extra lubrication~." 

Did it hold up? Yes.

Final thoughts: "Pleasant and fun, and didn't leave any sugary residue. Definitely would give it another go."

4. Glowing Pleasures

The claim: "Expose to light for 30 seconds for up to half an hour of glowing fun. Glowing Pleasures™ are made using non–toxic phosphorous pigment layered between thin layers of latex." (Ed. note: Only whip this one out if your partner will be fine to take a 30–second break from the foreplay and stare at your condom while it gains its bioluminescence.

First impression: "Definitely glows in the dark." 

How it felt during sex: "Kind of weird. Every time he went in and out you would see it glow."

Did it hold up? Yes.

Final thoughts: "We laughed the whole time." This condom can be the Halloween costume your penis never had—it makes it look like a light saber. 

5. 576 Sensations

The claim: "Every 576 Sensations™ condom features almost 600 individual pleasure intensifiers that work together to excite and stimulate like no other condom."

First impression: "Looks like normal condom, but feels like braille."

How it felt during sex: "It felt like there was sand where no sand has gone before." Translation: Dick felt like it was covered in sandpaper.

Did it hold up? Yes.

Final thoughts: "Never again. Things are irritated."

6. Zero Thin 

The Claim: "ZERO condoms are 25% thinner than ONE's standard condoms, so you can feel closer to your partner than ever before. ONE has also added some extra room at the base and tip for maximum comfort, and a secure fit in the middle so you can push your sexual limits with confidence. This condom is so advanced, you'll barely know it's there!"

First impression: "It did seem thinner than a normal condom, but the size ratio was off." Unless our tester was just well–endowed.

How it felt during sex: Better than a normal condom

Did it hold up? Yes.

Final thoughts: Felt the most natural since it's so thin, but our male participant still felt a little cramped.


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