Slotted to open the Fling concert, OK Go will be the band playing in the background as overambitious freshman pass out on Franklin Field. Which is alright because OK Go really isn't that great of a band. Basically, they have one good song, "Get Over It." This first single off their debut album is catchy, sarcastic pop song that steals the riff from Queen's "We Will Rock You" as lead singer Damian Kulash urges us to just, "Get, get, get over it." I am not sure what "it" is, but if he's talking about the bitching hangover that I am going wake up with on Sunday morning, then maybe he's on to something. But then again, Kulash did go to Brown, so probably not. - Ross Clark

¨Como estas? So there I was every morning after Spanish class in high school gawking and stuttering at the four girls who made my high school rock 'n' roll. With their bad girl, retro-lunchbox, nicotine-puffing swagger, the quartet known as The Donnas made every morning of my freshman year a Stratocaster-infused wet dream. Fresh off flirtations with MTV with their video "Take if Off" the Donnas performance at the year's concert should help to make your Fling a little bit more loco, no matter how soused you are. - Chris McFall

So I never really liked Jurassic 5 until I saw them perform at the Smokin Groves tour last summer. It was then that their shit took to life. I'm talkin' dynamic stage presence, old-school mic passing, DJ- wrecking, dope hip hop that even your mama can get down to. And if you need another reason to go to the show, as a bonus there's actually six of them. - Paul Farber

Woo-Hah! Ever since his breakthrough on A Tribe Called Quest's Scenario, which was undoubtedly the Hot Shit Makin' Ya Bounce, Busta Rhymes has kept us All In Check. And this year at Fling, Busta will be telling us all to Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See. Pass the Courvoisier and Make it Clap, biznatch. - Alex Koppelman