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Parin Keerthi


Exploring Nature’s Palette with Victoria Antoinette Megens

Between her academic pursuits and personal artistic endeavors, Victoria is finding new ways of tying together the worlds of nature and art.

Rethinking the Modern Face of Autism

As the mother of an autistic son, Amy Lutz is shaping support systems for profoundly autistic individuals through her new book, Chasing the Intact Mind.

Ego of the Week: Milan Chand

This senior is opening the door to mental health conversations one smile at a time. 

Kala Hagopian's Concrete Canvas

Street artist Kala Hagopian illustrates her passion for art and the environment, one mural at a time.

Taking Nature Out of Its Casket with Emily Maroni

This advocate for climate–informed burial practices is taking traditional funerals to their graves.
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