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Naima Small


Bimbo Feminism isn’t Revolutionary, It’s Regressive

Convincing women that a “head empty” stance is a feminist one only empowers the patriarchy.

Popping the Bubble of Positive Psychology

Positive psychology aims to help people reach their full potential. But can it really work for everyone?

Passion Exploitation is the Dark Side of Nonprofit Work

It's time to confront the harsh realities of a career in social justice.

@AnaKrutch Tells Stories that Will Mend Your Soul

Ana Krutchinksy talks making space on TikTok for authentic vulnerability through fictional stories

Explore Mid–Atlantic Cuisine with CO–OP Restaurant & Bar's New Menu

With a new head chef and fall menu, CO–OP is taking visitors on an adventure with innovative spins on regional classics.

Living the ‘Soft Life’: Accessible or Too Idealistic?

Black women gave life to the "soft life" trend to promote self–care, but has social media turned it into an unattainable standard?

Prunella: Come for the Pizza, Stay for the Atmosphere

Head to Midtown Village for playful twists on Italian–American classics.

The Telfar x Rainbow Collab Is Changing the Landscape of Luxury Fashion

The man behind the iconic “Bushwick Burkin” is making his signature bags even more accessible.

Kim Kardashian is Venturing into Private Equity…and Back into Whiteness

Celebrites are taking the finance world by storm, but what do they have to offer?

Andrew Tate Breaks the Internet

Scratching the surface of reactionary anti–feminism online

How Online Donations and the Commodification of Black Death Go Hand–in–Hand

From the infamous $6 million "BLM House" to controversial activist Shaun King, the commodification of Black death can be shown in all levels of activism.

College Fuels Our Worst Sleeping Habits—Can We Change That?

Sleep deprivation shouldn't be seen as the key to success or productivity in college.

Why Is Will Smith’s Oscars Slap Such a Big Deal?

The root of the backlash against Will Smith's slap lies in anti–Blackness.

Why Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Hair Matters to Black Women

The first Black woman nominated to the Supreme Court is wearing her natural curls—here's why that's important. 

Stop By Eggcellent Cafe for Mind–Scrambling Brunch

Eggcellent Cafe offers up sunny–side–up meals for all of your brunch–related needs. 

Silver Foxes and Old Hags: Why Age Isn’t Just a Number

The commotion surrounding Alexa Demie's age is more harmful than you might think.

Baby Mamas, Kylie Jenner, and the Racialized Perception of Single Motherhood

Kylie Jenner is trying to reclaim the label "baby mama." But is that term even hers to reclaim?

Nepotism Babies: It–Girls or Just Rich?

Why are we so obsessed with Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Lily–Rose Depp?

Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day to These Five Philly Stores

From candle–making to do–it–yourself pottery, spend your Valentine's Day at these five Philly stores that celebrate self–love.

Why You Don’t Need to “Rebrand” Yourself for the New Year

Your 2022 "rebrand" might just be consumerism taken to the extreme.
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