This week's "That Guy" is none other than Michael C. Maronna. Michael C. who, you ask? You may not know his name but you'll never forget his pale skin, gangly figure, fiery mane or his cracking pubescent voice as narrator of the bizarre storylines of Nickelodeon's cult favorite, The Adventures of Pete and Pete.

Since Pete and Pete's cancellation in 1996, Michael has been on the Hollywood backburner, getting suspended from high school for setting guitars on fire, studying film and re-emerging onto the Hollywood scene.

In 2002, Maronna made his first appearance on the big screen since his 1990 debut in Home Alone as Jeff, one of Kevin's (Macaulay Culkin) older siblings. Although Buzz (Devin Ratray) may have stolen Mike's big brother thunder, Hollywood gave him a second chance in the 2002 film Slackers as Dave Goodman's (Devon Sawa) mischievous sidekick, Jeff Davis. Mike rounded out 2002, tripling his total number of screen credits with the release of 40 Days and 40 Nights. While Josh Hartnett fended off blue balls, Mike Maronna received critical acclaim as "bagel guy."

Since 2002, Maronna has fallen into obscurity once again -- making a minor, yet popular, appearance as Stuart in Ameritrade commercials and a 2003 cameo as Leon on Gilmore Girls. For his latest project, the 2004 film Men Without Jobs, Mike capitalized on his own experiences in Hollywood to bring depth to the role. No matter what role he plays, Michael C. Maronna will forever be known as "That Guy"