I’ve spent the vast majority of this semester’s “From the Editor” letters complaining about how fast time moves. From time sucks and weekends to snowdays and Hulu, if you’ve ever glanced down at this gray box before you’d be well aware that if I had my druthers, time would move at half speed.

But for now, I take it all back. It’s almost summer. Summer is the greatest. And it’s so close. No worries, no responsibilities. No more dry skin or Uggs, crappy weather or recitations. Just an endless number of sunny, humid days where jobs aren’t real and you have nothing better to do than check UnderTheButton four times a half hour.

Because lets be honest, summer (read: bitch) work comes naturally to Penn students. We could organize files, draft press releases, set up Excel PivotTables and format PowerPoints in our sleep. Our type-A personalities feed off of organizing office supplies and planning office happy hours. Yeah, yeah; I’m sure some of you are doing totally awesome stuff that won’t involve being any sort of intern in the traditional sense of the job, like freelancing in Baghdad or tagging along on an archeological dig. Secretly though, I feel sorry for you. Summers are meant to be completely mindless.

For those of you summering in Philly (or not), look forward to spending your coffee breaks and lazy afternoons perusing Summer Street, helmed by current Ego editor Lucy McGuigan. In broadsheet format, it’ll be on stands inside the Summer Pennsylvanian and (as normal) online at 34st.com every Thursday during the summer sessions. Under the Button will also be posting semi-regularly throughout the break.

My final plug: if you really love Street, consider contributing next semester! We need a whole host of people with various talents and interests to put out this magazine each week — writers, photographers, designers, illustrators, bloggers, coders, twitterers and even people who just love facts. To find out how to get involved, or request a copy of the editor application, email me at mckay@34st.com.

'til next fall, y'all, SB