Half of the team behind Art Star — a gallery-cum-boutique that showcases some of the most innovative contemporary art around - Erin Waxman gives Street a tour of this city's vibrant arts

Street: What’s your favorite piece of public art in the city?

Erin Waxman: I don’t know who it is, but there is someone in Northern Liberties that does these cute characters and pastes them on walls, mailboxes and such. If you mean more popular public art, I like the Sorry pieces at 15th Street & JFK Boulevard.

Street: If you could have dinner with any artist, living or dead, who would it be?

EW: Camilla Engman — one of the artists we work with. I follow her blog and she seems to have an idyllic life.

Street: Who are the most exciting artists in Philadelphia right now?

EW: Eleanor Grosch, Candy Depew, Amy Santoferraro; something is hiding in here.

Street: What’s the coolest building in the city?

EW: The Divine Lorraine Hotel.

Street: What’s your favorite Philadelphia mural?

EW: When I take the El to 69th Street, I love seeing the "A Love Letter For You” murals all the way there.

Street: Where’s the best place to see live music?

EW: I don’t get out to see much live music — the last thing I saw was She & Him at Penn’s Landing. It was perfect being on the water and the weather was just right.

Street: Describe a perfect afternoon in Philadelphia. Where would you go and what would you do?

EW: I would have brunch at Honey’s and then, honestly, just wander around.

Street: Tell us a funny story about something that happened at the gallery.

EW: We have funny stories, but nothing appropriate for print.

Street: What makes Philadelphia a great city for artists and art lovers?

EW: It is still affordable to live and work. Artists seem to be supportive of one another rather than overly competitive. For art lovers there’s a bit for everyone depending on their style. There are always openings and events to visit and support.