Inni 12/2–3, Screenings at 7 and 9 pm Students $7 International House 3701 Chestnut Street Sometimes, for whatever reason, we just can’t see a band during their live tour. But despair not, Inni, a film chronicling the band Sigur Rós, is here! aspires to offer the closeness and the one–on–one feeling of seeing Sigur Rós in the flesh. Nothing can replace the live experience but Inni will at least hold you over until their new album rolls around sometime next year.

Informal Critique 12/4, 4–6 pm Free–RSVP required Project Basho 1305 Germantown Avenue Constructive criticism is never a bad thing, unless you don’t like my work in which case you clearly have no taste (just kidding… kind of). But seriously folks, all you photographer types out there looking for a little feedback outside of the Penn bubble, grab 10–20 photographs and head to Project Basho.

Systematic Design + Exterial Landscapes 12/5, 6 pm Free–Registration Required Meyerson Hall, Upper Gallery While this event isn’t happening over the weekend it looks too cool/important to not include. Right on Penn’s campus, come see MIT professor Alan Berger speak and show his work that highlights landscape waste and other things that’ll make you feel guilty about littering.