Top 5 Best Things About Your Summer Internship

1. Being in a new city (*cough* New York) is exciting—so many free, outdoor activities to try and bars to be rejected from. 2. Responsibility feels empowering! You are working for a real company and hopefully some of your work is being utilized/published/not completely disregarded. 3. Your social life is thriving, from happy hours to rooftop parties. 4. The polar vortex is finally gone, which means it’s time for outdoor movies, outdoor beer gardens and other free outdoor events. 5. No midterms, finals or pop quizzes.

Top 5 Worst Things about Your Summer Internship

1. What is free time? 2. You’re an intern, and thus sometimes forgotten about. There are long stretches of your day where you aren’t assigned any work, but Buzzfeed usually wins out over finding someone to ask for a task. 3. Hangovers don't count as sick days. 4. Hot damn it is sweltering. Or raining. Often both. 5. Ever heard of a midpoint touch-base, a final review or an exit interview? Way worse than actual school.