Going back to school is expensive, but sex doesn’t have to be (unless you’re really into leather). If you’re trying to smash responsibly, on a budget, without catching an itch and without accidentally contributing to the Penn class of 2034, campus has you covered—multiple buildings on campus provide free condoms. And, while we usually don’t recommend double–condomming due to the dangers of friction, Street has you covered, too, with this guide on where to find them.

The LGBT Center

Protection is key for all parts of the body, and this building provides free chapstick—a must have after any decent night—in addition to condoms. It gets bonus points for also providing free printing.

Student Health

Next time a judgmental nurse awkwardly asks if you’re sexually active when the reason for your visit is a foot injury or an ear infection, make sure you pick up a few condoms on your way out. This definitely beats having to lie to you hometown doctor in front of your mom.

Nearest “Bro”

Probably comes with a free high five and an obnoxious inquiry about your sex life.


However involved or uninvolved your RA may be, there are two things you can always count on: noise complaints and condoms on demand. Going up to someone and personally asking may sound scary, but they are pretty much the only place that has you covered at 3 a.m.

The Women’s Center

If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that you can’t trust men with much, which is why the Women’s Center is clutch for free condoms. It’s definitely one of the more convenient spots— right on Locust Walk, so there’s no excuse to ever go condom–less.

As many places as there are to obtain these latex necessities for free, there are still a few more places we think condoms ought to be available. Consider the following list Street's formal request that the University make condoms available at:

  • VP Bathrooms: for library quickies and intimate study breaks. Some free pregnancy tests would also be nice. 
  • Quad Laundry Rooms: What better time to plan for the night ahead than when washing your sheets? 
  • Student Financial Services: Sexual discovery is a vital part of a college education—we demand a condom stipend! 
  • College Green: If you blow them up, they get huge and make a great balloon to throw around while the weather’s still nice. 
  • Fisher Bennett Staircase: Shakespeare will judge thou if thy spreadeth thee carnal ailments.


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