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Ananya Varshneya


Kendrick v. Drake

What does it take to crown the winner of a rap beef?

Eternal Sunshine is a Gem of Ariana Grande’s Discography

A short, sweet, and eclectic journey through the singer’s memories and musings.

Benny the Butcher’s "Everybody Can’t Go" is Another Strong Performance

The rapper's new project shows even more advancement from his previous work.

Conan Gray’s Greatest Gamble

Teen pop star Conan Gray kicks off a new era in his music, but will it pay off?

“To Be Eaten Alive”: A Dreamy R&B Project With a Touch of Melancholy

Mariah the Scientist sings to and with Young Thug amid his incarceration, along with tracks on her battles with fame, career, and love.

Love is a Pick–Up Truck

An elaboration on country music’s favorite lyrical device

Troye Sivan Brings Back the Opulent Music Video in Orgiastic and Confessional Pop Album

“Something to Give Each Other,” the Australian singer’s first album in five years, shows artistic growth, if not for its musical elements, then certainly for its visual and thematic strengths.

Sexyy Red’s Rush to the Forefront of Rap Stardom

Sexyy Red’s authentic sound and confident persona distinguish her from her contemporaries.
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