"Well kids, it all started when we were 11 and she equated dying with expul- sion. From then, I knew I was hooked." 

If you missed your favorite couple from the shenanigans they were up to at Hogwarts, don't worry. Coming in hot from Executive Producer Rita Skeeter is How I Met Your Muggle Mother: A Relatively True Account of the Ronmione Love Story. 

We caught up with the muses for the show, Ron and Hermione Weasley, and asked what they thought about the show being picked up by a major network. 

"I think it's completely ab- surd," Hermione exclaimed. "Nothing about the show is in the least bit accurate, and quite frankly, I don't know why that woman is even allowed to produce anything more than a puff piece about gremlins' favorite candy being chocolate coins." 

Mr. Ron Weasley was far more reserved, comment- ing that although the show wasn't approved by the two, he was "...bloody excited to nally be getting the attention I deserved." 

The show will be airing next fall, featuring Gilderoy Lockhart as Ron Weasley and Dolores Umbridge as Hermione. Reviews are already saying it's a comedic hit that even Voldemort would love.

The Daily Prophet raves that the show is "Golden!" and "A smash hit!" George Weasley himself chimed in, "If it's making fun of Ron, then of course I'll watch it!"

It's even been rumored that The Boy Who Lived will be making a cameo himself. We reached out to his manager to get a comment, but only received an email back asking what kind of bad joke was this.


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